Helpful Friends and Travel

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." ~ John Donne

It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes at least as many people to live an adult life. We depend on other people for our food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and entertainment. We need others to build the roads we drive on, the homes we live in, the furniture we use every day, for the stores where we shop, and the offices or other places where we work. They provide us with haircuts, landscaping, restaurants, movie theaters, package deliveries, groceries, professional advice, and therapy. They are our teachers, dentists, academic mentors, workout trainers, website designers, photographers, baristas, spiritual advisers, plumbers, dog walkers, pilots, train conductors, and yoga instructors. On a more personal level, certain people may help us get employment, secure a bank loan, buy a house, care for our children, or even save our lives with medical attention. Sometimes, helpful friends don’t show up in person, but through a book they wrote or something they invented that we find useful in some way. This is only a short list of examples of all the people who affect our lives in positive ways. It would be foolish to imagine that any of us can get along without them.

We require certain people to fulfill specific roles essential to creating the best life we can. These are people who show up at various times in our lives, offering something we need right then. If the energy is flowing freely through our environments and our lives, the right people show up at the right time, offering the right kind of help.

“In Feng Shui, Helpful People refers to the angels who appear in our lives just when we need them. It is about synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time and knowing that the universe will send us the necessary helpers to assist us on our path." ~ Erica Sofrina

In literature and films — in the hero’s journey — the hero always encounters some help along the way, some mentor or teacher to aid in the journey or the quest. This mentor may be human or superhuman — such as a fairy, ghost, god or goddess, wizard, or witch — and is required to give the hero invaluable information and assistance. The journey does not happen, the quest cannot be fulfilled, without the help and encouragement of the mentor. Sometimes, a hero encounters several helpers along the way, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Other times, it only takes one person who convinces you that you can do it, and shows you where the path is. Still other times, someone may remove obstacles behind the scenes to ease your trek. When the energy is flowing smoothly, serendipitous events conspire to bring us together with these helpers. We may call it a blessing or dumb luck, or we may be struck by a strange sense of perfect coincidence. We may not even notice how this person falls into our lives at exactly the right moment, at least not until much later. In any case, synchronicity, serendipity, and chance events all lead us to the people we need to resolve specific problems or further our goals. And, in many cases, these helpful friends will lead us to others, in what can become a long chain of “lucky” people in our lives.

This area of your home’s bagua also relates to Travel, and certainly traveling comfortably and fruitfully requires a lot of helpful people, involving transportation, hospitality, and opportunities for trips, whether recreational, educational, or professional. It relates to the same kind of synchronicity, serendipity, and positive chance events. When you travel, you often don’t know beforehand what you will encounter in many ways or how things will go. Energy must flow freely through this area of your home to help create beneficial events and experiences in travel, the same way it affects your encounters with people.

The Helpful Friends and Travel area is located in the lower right-hand corner of your home’s bagua. The enhancing colors here are grey, black and white, and this energetic area falls in between the Elements of Water (black and dark blues and greens, wavy asymmetrical shapes, glass, mirrors, water) and Metal (white, round and oval, metals, stones, rocks, stucco, ceramics). This is a good area of your home to place images and symbols of both human and nonhuman helpful friends, such as deceased relatives who mentored you, angels, saints, or other religious figures that are meaningful to you in terms of receiving guidance and assistance. It also a great place for a grey or silver box in which you place pictures and words that serve as affirmations, expressions of gratitude, and desires that you have for travel and people to help you. For example, you may place the business cards of your attorney, doctors, hairdresser, or realtor; pictures of places where you want to travel; and thank-you cards that you write for the blessings of specific people in your life and travel experiences you have enjoyed.

A box is a great way to keep such symbols on one place, but there are many ways to concentrate your energy like this. One family always drew pictures and posters, and wrote letters and thank-you cards for the annual vacation they were planning. Then, they hung them all up a wall where they would see them every day until it was time to go on the trip. Another woman made a gratitude bulletin board, using photos of people who have helped her create her small business; she is constantly adding to the collection of names and pictures. Your Helpful Friends and Travel zone is the perfect place in your home for these kinds of focused collections.

Examine your relationships with Helpful Friends, both past and present. Examine your travels, both past and future.

  • Make a list of people who have helped you on your life’s journey in the past. How did they come into your life? How did they help you?

  • Make a list of helpful people currently in your life. How did they come into your life. How do they help you?

  • Make a list of nonhuman helpers throughout your life, or personifications of help you received from seemingly out of the blue.

  • Find images, statues, or items that symbolize all of these helpers.

  • Make a list of places to which you have traveled and would like to return to. Make a list of places you have not traveled to yet, but would like to. Find pictures or symbols of these places.

  • Find the Helpful Friends and Travel area of your home. Make sure it is decluttered, organized and everything there is in perfect working order. Enhance the area with colors, shapes and items from the Five Elements, emphasizing Water and Metal. Place your boxes and other symbols of Helpful Friends and Travel. Frequently look at these items and add more to them.

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