Missing Pieces

Updated: May 20, 2019

"I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches." ~ Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Your bagua will always be square or rectangular. However, if your home is not a perfect square or rectangle, you may wonder how a bagua can be laid over your floor plan. Homes are often L-shaped, perhaps with a driveway, pool, or patio in the open space. Or they may be U-shaped or O-shaped, with a courtyard, patio, pool, or front entry path and landscaping in the middle. Some modern, sprawling homes may even encompass several different buildings, connected by covered, outdoor living areas. Apartments may include balconies or terraces. Even mostly square or rectangular floor plans may have chunks missing in corners or indentations here or there. If these are pretty small, they pose no problem for your bagua, but if they cut off large areas of the energetic sections of your home, they require some remedies.

Three practices can help you balance missing areas in your home’s bagua.

One, you can enhance any outdoor area the same way you would if it were inside your home. You can balance the Five Elements, with an emphasis on whatever element is dominant in the energetic area. For example, if your Fame and Reputation area is cut out with a patio, you can balance the Five Elements and then add extra Fire element enhancements, such as a barbecue grill or reds and oranges in your patio furniture, pavers, pillows, cushions, umbrellas or tableware. Animal prints also represent the Fire element, so you can use those in your fabrics and decor there. The shape here is triangle, so pillows and other items of triangular shape can help, too.

Secondly, you can place mirrors on the walls inside your home that are against the missing area. For instance, staying with the example of the missing Fame area inside the home, you can place mirrors in the Love, Wealth, and Center areas, on the walls they share with the outdoor Fame area. Even pictures with depth, showing images that represent both foreground and distance, so that your eye moves into them, can help.

The third way you can remedy a missing energetic area in your home is to enhance that area of each room that is there. So, if your Fame area falls in your patio, you can find the Fame area of each room by placing a bagua over the floor plan of each room, orienting it according to the door to the room, as if this is your “front door.” Then, the middle of the far wall is your Fame area of that room. Enhance the area with Fire elements and Fame enhancements, as you would for a whole room in the Fame area. Reds, oranges, triangles, candles, lamps and light fixtures, animal prints, pictures, or figures, human representations, and sun images can all help.

Treat outdoor rooms as if they were indoors, including them in the bagua.

Pools, obviously, are weighted heavily in the Water element, and therefore need to be balanced with the other elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Pavers, potted plants, landscaping, fire pits, barbecue grills, furniture, and fabrics can all be used to enhance a pool area, as well as wind chimes, shade sails, or statues. Balconies are included in your bagua as if they were indoors, and are enhanced in the same ways. For example, a balcony outside a Love area could be enhanced with pinks, and a Wealth area with purples. Balconies are great places for potted plants, vertical plantings, wind chimes, fountains, or statues of Buddhas, angels, or saints, as you prefer. Color can be added through furniture, planters, fabrics, and flowering plants. Driveways are included in your bagua if they are within exterior walls of your home (including the garage) on at least two sides. Driveways are enhanced in all the same ways as patios and courtyards.

There are two ways to approach applying Feng Shui to your home and your life. You can start by laying a bagua on your floor plan to see where improvements are needed to facilitate the free flow of energy. Alternatively, you can begin by looking at problem areas in your life and then identify the corresponding energetic area of your home, to see how you can enhance that area. So, if there is a problem area in your life, you can look at that energetic part of your home to see if a missing piece is causing your life to be missing something, too.

For example, if your home's bagua shows that your Wealth area falls where you have an outdoor deck, with exterior walls of the home on two sides, this can reveal a reason for difficulties in saving up for the vacation of your dreams (the Wealth area is about luxuries, not day-to-day living expenses). Or, you might be having problems in your love life, and find that your Love and Relationships area is where your pool and patio are, creating an empty space in your home's floor plan. Both of these missing pieces can be rectified using colors, shapes, and other remedies specific to the gua that is missing. You can also look at the opposite energetic area of your missing one. For example, opposite your Wealth gua is your Helpful Friends and Travel gua, so enhancing that area can also enhance your chances for receiving help in some way to take that trip you are longing for; enhancing your Knowledge and Self-Development area can improve your chances for a good, healthy relationship with someone who is right for your best self.

Missing pieces can even be remedied if you live in apartment or townhouse that shares walls with other units. Such homes are sometimes designed in shapes other than squares or rectangles, with rooms of other people's homes jutting into your floor plan. These shared walls are good places for mirrors or pictures with depth, giving the impression that the wall goes through to the missing area. If the missing area is outdoors, on a upper floor, you clearly can't put anything out there, but you can use mirrors or pictures with depth there, too. If you have windows there, you're in luck, since that creates the image of the space extending outward, and you can also hang a crystal inside the window to attract and disperse energy. Since you cannot decorate missing areas that are outdoors in space or in someone else's apartment using colors, shapes, and elemental fixes, you can find the corresponding gua in each room of your home, and enhance it accordingly.

Look at your home's floor plan to see if any areas are missing. Look for a significant amount of missing space.

• Locate the energetic area on your bagua that is missing. For example, the far left corner as you look into your home from the front door wall is your Wealth area.

• If this is an outdoor space that you use, enhance the area with colors, shapes, and items to balance and energize the area. Balance the Five Elements and then enhance the appropriate energetic area, such as the color purple and symbols of money or luxury for Wealth.

• If the missing piece is not a space you use (such as another apartment or an outdoor area you can't get to), use remedies including mirrors, artwork, crystals and window treatments.

• Enhance the missing gua of each room in your home.

• Here's an extra exercise I have found illuminating. I have moved around a bit, and each place I've lived brought its own unique problems and issues in my life. I laid a bagua over several of these floor plans and discovered that the specific areas of my life that were difficult there corresponded to missing areas in my home! See if you need a reminder about how to lay a bagua over your floor plan.

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