“Since money is energy, our financial affairs tend to reflect how our life energy is moving. When your creative energy is flowing freely, often your finances are as well. If your energy is blocked, your money is, too." ~ Shakti Gawain

Wealth, prosperity, abundance, plenty, the good life, luxury, affluence, riches, or whatever you want to call it, we all know what it means to have more than you need to live on. Even if you have never experienced it, you’ve probably had thoughts about what you would do if you had a certain amount of money or received a windfall, such as winning the lottery. Maybe you’ve fantasized about buying an expensive car, taking a vacation or a trip to an exotic place, easily putting your kids through college, or buying your dream home. Maybe you imagined retiring from your job after decades of work, or of not having to go to a job while your children are young. The Wealth area of your home’s bagua is not about keeping a roof over your head and putting food on the table. It’s about the extras, life’s goodies, the items and experiences you don’t need, but you do want for yourself and your family.

If you think of abundance or prosperity simply as energy, then it’s clear that there is a limitless amount of it in the universe. The concept of inflowing and outflowing applies here, as the energy of money, prosperity, or abundance moves to us and then through us. If it comes to you and you hoard it, afraid that no more will ever come or that others will somehow steal it from you, then you stop the flow of energy. I’m not saying you should go out and immediately spend every dime you get, but neither should you believe that you are somehow keeping yourself safe by squirreling away every bit, while depriving yourself and your family. Greed, selfishness, and stinginess are not virtues; life is not a game in which the person who dies with the most money wins. As we all know, you can’t take it with you. Instead, you can think of money as a tool, an instrument for transforming energy into your children’s education, your dream lakeside cabin, tickets to Hamilton, a top-notch set of tools, or that grand piano you’ve wanted since you started music lessons at the age of eight. You can buy new uniforms and shoes for a struggling youth basketball team, support a local homeless shelter, or build a neighborhood playground or community center. Balance is the key, as it always is. Receiving and giving, giving and receiving. Inflowing and outflowing.

There are two more words to always remember when it comes to thinking about money, abundance, and prosperity: Appreciation and Generosity.

Appreciation has three parts to it: recognizing your blessings, taking good care of them, and being thankful for them. Always remember to recognize all the blessings you have, including money and the things it buys for you, but also other blessings, like like every enjoyable or learning experience you have. Its easy to fill our minds with worry and a sense of lack or scarcity, forgetting how much we really are showered with good. We also have to accept the good that comes to us. The truth is that if we don’t even recognize all the good that the ever-flowing prosperity energy brings us, we miss a lot of opportunities to receive it. The beginning and end of each day are good times to reflect on just how much good the flow of energy brings us, every day, all the time, and to remember to recognize and accept it.

Recognizing blessings and accepting them also requires taking responsibility for them. I once knew someone who was blessed with enough money to buy a beautiful, large home. At first, everything was great, as he enjoyed the home with his family. He made one or two improvements, which he deemed worth doing to increase the home’s resale value. But over time, the building naturally needed maintenance, repairs, upkeep, and refreshing, and every year, property taxes had to be paid. Although he could easily afford all of these things, he resented the need for them. He tried doing some of the work himself, but when he couldn’t, he just left it undone. He thought about selling the house, which he now saw as just a money drain, but felt that he wouldn’t make enough of a profit to suit him, and he resented the possibility of sharing any profit with a realtor’s commission. His lovely home turned into a source of misery for him, simply because of the perspective he had chosen to take on it. Appreciation means taking good care of what prosperity energy brings you, keeping it in good repair, and being thankful for it all. Remembering this makes ongoing maintenance a joy rather than a burden.

Do not withhold thankfulness until after you get what you want. The proper time to be thankful and to express it is before, during, and after receiving. It is all the time. This opens up the channel for abundance that is always there, to flow freely to you and through you. Clear opportunities to remember thankfulness are all around us, all the time. I once had to stop overnight unexpectedly because of a missed flight connection, due to my first flight taking off late. As you can imagine, the airline sent those of us with missed connections to a hotel that was not exactly worthy of five stars. I was tired and just wanted to sleep and not spend more money, so I stayed there for the one night. As I turned on the water for a shower, there was little in the way of pressure, but just enough to spray water in every direction, all over the room, including in my face. Instead of coming down in a nice even spray, the water dribbled and squirted like a garden hose. I suppose I could have pitched a fit to the hotel management, demanded a better room, and complained to the airline for arranging such accommodations, but all I could think about, trying to take a shower in that soaked bathroom, with hardly any water pressure, was the people living in Flint, Michigan, whose dark, murky tap water had been poisonous for years. I felt no anger, no resentment, no desire to scream about my bad luck. I felt nothing but thankful throughout that shower. It was not what I had become accustomed to, but compared to what the people in Flint were coping with, it was wonderful. I was reminded to be truly thankful for everything, from the luxuries I have enjoyed to the simplest things in life, like clean water. I have never forgotten that shower or how it made me feel.

Koi and goldfish symbolize prosperity in Feng Shui.

The area I am calling “Wealth” is sometimes also called “Blessings,” and we should not forget that money is not the only kind of blessing we receive. As I’ve said before, money is just a way to transform energy into physical things and experiences you want for yourself and your family. The money and the blessings it can buy need to be shared with others to keep the energy of good fortune flowing freely. Generously giving to your loved ones as well as other people beyond your inner circle, does not diminish the energy coming to you as it moves through you. In fact, it allows the energy to flow more and more. This is the difference between abundance consciousness and lack or scarcity consciousness. Think about money, goods, services, and experiences as infinitely flowing all around the world, all the time. How much of it flows to you and through you depends on many things, but you can increase it by unblocking the flow.

“Money experienced as life energy is indeed a meditation, and letting it flow out instead of hoarding it is a mode of participation in the life of others." - Joseph Campbell

Generosity is a key to unlocking the flow of wealth energy. When you believe in the limitless energy that brings you the blessings of life, you don’t feel compelled to hoard or hold onto them. Giving is truly as joyous as receiving, because it’s all the same thing — energy flowing through you. Tipping is a good example of one way people often become very stingy and resentful, rather than giving freely. Maybe they don’t know that the wages of tipped workers is extremely low (typically as low as $2.13 per hour!) and that in many cases, they have to share their tips with others, or maybe poor tippers just don’t care. Maybe they want to hang onto every penny of theirs, and if the bill they have to pay doesn’t include a tip, they find ways to make themselves feel justified in stiffing their server. If you are one of those people, and you want wealth energy to find you more easily, I would suggest that you begin tipping generously, all the time, immediately. Give generously to your family, pick up the check when dining with friends, and support worthy charitable causes. Get the energy moving, and begin visualizing it flowing through you, instead of to you. Ask for anything you want, the sky’s the limit, but always remember that if you let it get stuck, you will stop more from coming to you.

Sometimes, money and blessings come from unexpected places, so when you want something, don’t get hung up on where you think it will come from. Just focus on what you want for yourself and others, visualize it, feel what it would be like to have it, gather pictures of it, write about it, appreciate it, and let it go. You might inherit something from a relative you forgot you had. You may receive an adjustment from your bank or a tax refund. You could win a raffle or some form of generosity from another person. Or you may gain a slow and steady increase in your personal wealth from investments. When the energy flows freely, you never know how it will find its way to you. Accept your surprises, be thankful for them, and pass it on. Remember that what goes around comes around, so give generously in every way that you can and relax in the open flow of energy.

The Wealth area of your home’s bagua is in the far left-hand corner from your front door wall, as you are facing inward. Its power color is purple (including lavender, amethyst, periwinkle, and many other shades), and you can also use rich reds and greens here. Gold is also associated with wealth, and this color can be added to the area with paint, fabrics, wall art and frames, or mobiles. Water represents wealth in Feng Shui, so pictures of flowing water can enhance this area, too. Depending on what room it is in your home, you might also use fountains, fish tanks, and other water features. Healthy plants, especially those with round leaves, and money plants, are best here. You can write about or cut out pictures of luxuries you want and place them in a purple or gold box here. Remember to fill this part of your home with furniture and items that you love and that represent abundance, prosperity, or luxury to you.

Clear your mind and meditate on feeling thankful for everything, every blessing and good fortune you have received. Picture the energy flowing freely throughout the world, and flowing to you and through you to others. Give thanks for everything that is coming to you, even if it is not here yet.

• Find the Wealth and Blessings area of your home. What room or rooms are here? Remove clutter and make any needed repairs. Make sure the area is well-lit.

• Hang art here that offers inspiration regarding wealth. For example, pictures of your dream vacation location on a calendar or inspirational posters with sayings that remind you of abundance, thankfulness, and generosity.

• Places items here that represent wealth to you, from Monopoly money to Tiffany boxes, expensive objects to toy boats, cars, houses, or any other luxury you want to energize into your life.

• Fill a purple or gold box with pictures of blessings you want for yourself and others. Write about them and place the writings in the box.

• Make a vision board or collage of what you want to bring into your life and place it in this area.

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