Your Feng Shui Consultation: What to Expect

Updated: May 7, 2019

“Nothing happens unless something is moved." ~ Albert Einstein

When clients request a Feng Shui consultation, they usually have at least one specific issue in mind that they need help with. They may not feel comfortable expressing their concerns at first, and this is understandable. Sometimes, these issues are very personal, whether financial, romantic, or health-related, for example. However, it is important for your consultant to understand what areas of life are troubling you the most. She can apply Feng Shui principles to areas of stuck energy in your home, but it is your home and a reflection of your energy, and the consultant's purpose is to help you release blockages and energize the areas of your life that need energizing. So, you will be asked about any issues you want to address with your Feng Shui consultation.

The second thing needed before your consultation is a floor plan of your home. It does not have to be perfect or exactly to scale, just a rough drawing of your home’s basic shape, where the rooms are and their shapes and relative sizes. This is needed before your consultation so that your consultant can prepare a bagua identifying the energetic areas of your home. You may also be asked to provide your birthdate and that of everyone living in the home. This is so the auspicious directions for each person can be calculated.

Upon arriving, your Feng Shui consultant will notice the area around your home, whether an apartment hallway, front porch, a road or a hill leading up to your house, and will tell you about any energetic issues there and possible remedies. She will show you the bagua she has prepared of the inside of your home and go through each room with you, identifying where certain energetic areas are located and explaining how your life may be affected by certain obstacles to freely-flowing energy. Your consultant will make suggestions and offer advice on how you can open up the pathways of energy in your home. If your home is a new move for you, perhaps even empty of furniture, she can look at the architectural design and explain how to choose paint colors and set up your furnishings to allow the energy to flow freely through it. She will also want to know about the property’s history, as much as possible, in order to focus on any problem areas in clearing the space before you move your things into it.

Some Feng Shui consultants may have training in architecture, interior design, or real estate, but all consultants offer Feng Shui knowledge and advice. We may be able to help you find other services you need, such as professional organizers, carpenters, electricians, or plumbers. We might offer lists of charities that may welcome your donations of the clothing, furniture, or household goods you no longer need, some of which offer pick-up service. However, the Feng Shui consultant’s primary job is to assess your home’s energetic flow and to offer advice for enhancing that flow, so that all the areas of your life flow more smoothly.

In some cases, whether this is a new home for you or you have been living there for a while, your Feng Shui consultant may perform or recommend a "space clearing" session. This is a ritual practice for treating places of stuck, stale, or negative energy. The person who performs your space clearing will use sounds such as singing bowls, chimes, or clapping, or scents such as smoke from smudge sticks or incense. A space clearing removes old energy left behind by guests, arguments, illnesses, bereavements, or just not enough inflowing and outflowing. It refreshes and revitalizes the flow of energy in your home. If there are places in your home that feel strangely uncomfortable to you, even if you don't know why, space clearing may be the best medicine for those areas.

Basic changes your Feng Shui consultant will recommend begin with fixing or removing anything in your home that is broken and decluttering. These two actions will help free the flow of energy in your home immediately. Needed repairs are usually obvious, but decluttering is a bit more complex. Your Feng Shui consultant will not simply go through your home and force minimalism on you, as some clients initially fear. Your home should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable, filled with things you love. You will have to determine whether all the things in your home are things that you love, need, use, and that are consistent with who you are now. Then, specific areas in your home — corresponding to areas of your life — that need attention can be addressed by moving or removing furniture, rugs, plants, or wall art, and adding colors, shapes, and items to balance and enhance each area.

Your Feng Shui consultant understands that you may feel attached to the things in your home and even where they are placed. Change is not always easy to do, but it can be done gently — and slowly, if that’s what you need. However, the results of one big enough shift in someone’s home usually inspires them to make more changes, more quickly, trusting the Feng Shui approach to improve how they feel at home and how energy flows throughout their daily lives.

If you feel the need for change in your life, then your home is a good place to start. Before becoming a Feng Shui consultant, I was a self-help writer for many years, and I can think of no simpler way to help ourselves than by welcoming Feng Shui into our homes and our lives. Starting with a professional Feng Shui consultation can set you on the path to a better way of life.

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